True Peace

Are you ever amazed at how life – always for some, every so often for others – can become so complicated? Things like mistakenly booking yourself into two separate locations at the same time; ending up with too much month at the end of the money; even simple things like deciding which restaurant to go eat at can be mind-numbing if too much is going on.

Yet how we handle this is really all that matters. We can better deal with the stress and frustration if we will simply remember to stop, take a breath, exhale, and ask the Lord for help. As an older worship song says, He is the air we breathe; that is, He is the provider and caretaker of our very lives. We would lead that song in worship from time to time, and I made an arrangement adding, near the end of the song, a line from the old Hollies song – Sometimes, all I need is the air that I breathe.

In Matthew 11:28, Yeshua/Jesus said, “Come to Me….” When we are weary, He doesn’t bark orders, saying, “Do this, do that, go there, don’t go there, sit down, stand up….” He says, “Come unto Me.” Yet too often we say, “I can’t right now, I’m too busy.” This is an incorrect attitude, and the way to correct an incorrect attitude is to stop, and then determine to let go of everything, and give it to Him to deal with. This can probably be done in a minimum of time if necessary. We have to make a deliberate commitment to do so, and when we do, He will give us rest. That type of rest means He will hold us up, He will sustain us, He will help us to stand firm. In place of our feeling weary, half-dead, full of self-pity, He will give us a renewed spirit of life, and the ability to become spiritually active. He will give us His peace. The word for “peace” in Hebrew is שָׁלוֹם shalom; yet shalom means so much more than “peace;” the CJB Glossary defines it as: “peace, tranquility, safety, well-being, welfare, health, contentment, success, comfort, wholeness, and integrity.” In Israel it is a common greeting.

So come to Yeshua, for only He can give you true peace – true shalom.

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