This World IS My Home

I’m NOT just passin’ through.

(I write this “musing” on the 25th day of the Hebraic month of Iyyar, Hebraic year of 5779 (on May 30th in 2019). This date is traditionally known as “Ascension Day,” when Yeshua returned to His Father, following a stay of 40 days after His resurrection, and sat down at the Father’s right side, per Psalm 110:1. This “musing” is concerned with the return of Yeshua – and those of faith know and trust that He who ascended from this world will one day, for a final time, descend to this world! Fully God, yet fully man.)

There’s an old song that goes: This world is not my home, I’m just a passin’ through. My treasures are laid up somewhere beyond the blue. The angels beckon me from heaven’s open door, And I can’t feel at home in this world anymore.

Oh Lord, you know I have no friend like you. If heaven’s not my home, then Lord, what will I do. The angels beckon me from heaven’s open door, And I can’t feel at home in this world anymore.

Those lyrics are emotionally and/or spiritually appealing, and there’s some truth in there. Heaven is where those who die with Yeshua/Jesus as Savior, Lord, Messiah, and Master go – for now. But more on that in a bit. I’m not real sure about the angels beckoning part, but ya never know. Until you get to where you can see them, at least. “Come on, come on, you’re getting closer.”

But for those dead saints – or us, if we die before Yeshua returns – they/we will be making a return trip back to this world with Him.

When Yeshua returns, He will be bringing the saints with Him, as well as gathering the living saints upon the earth, and all will be going to Jerusalem where He will battle the enemy hasatan and his minions. Of course, it won’t be much of a battle, as Sha’ul (Paul) tells us in 2 Thessalonians 2:8 (CJB), “Then the one who embodies separation from Torah will be revealed, the one whom the Lord Yeshua will slay with the breath of his mouth and destroy by the glory of his coming.” The Greek for “breath” is πνεῦμα pneuma, which can also be translated as “Spirit.” “Mouth” in Greek is στόμα stoma,” which can also be translated as “testimony, words.” Ruakh HaKodesh (The Holy Spirit), AND we the saints (k’doshim) will all be testifying about the glory of Yeshua at that time: When the Helper comes—whom I will send to you from the Father, the Spirit of truth who goes out from the Father—He will testify about Me. And you also testify, because you have been with Me from the beginning (Yochanan/John 15:26). We today are the “descendants” of those original Apostles, who testified about Him wherever they went.

Mattityahu (Matthew) 24:29-31 tells us that Yeshua will come FOLLOWING the time of tribulation, and gather His people together. The Jewish people on the whole will see Him, finally recognize who He is, and mourn for their sin of not seeing Him for who He is, their Messiah (from the CJB): 29) [Yeshua speaking] “But immediately following the trouble of those times, the sun will grow dark, the moon will stop shining, the stars will fall from the sky, and the powers in heaven will be shaken. 30) “Then the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky, all the tribes of the Land will mourn, and they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven with tremendous power and glory [boldened emphasis mine]. 31) “He will send out his angels with a great shofar; and they will gather together his chosen people from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.”

The above corroborates the prophetical words from Z’kharyhah (Zechariah) 12:8-10 (CJB): 8) When that day comes, ADONAI will defend those living in Yerushalayim. On that day, even someone who stumbles will be like David; and the house of David will be like God, like the angel of ADONAI before them. 9) “When that day comes, I will seek to destroy all nations attacking Yerushalayim; 10) and I will pour out on the house of David and on those living in Yerushalayim a spirit of grace and prayer; and they will look to me, whom they pierced.” They will mourn for him as one mourns for an only son; they will be in bitterness on his behalf like the bitterness for a firstborn son.

The Jewish people en masse will come to Yeshua, as Joseph’s brothers came to him in days of old. Just as Joseph’s brothers did not recognize him at first, when they finally did, there was great sorrow mixed with great joy. So it will be when Israel recognizes Yeshua. Romans 11:26-27 (TLV): 26) “…and in this way all Israel will be saved, as it is written, “The Deliverer shall come out of Zion. He shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob. 27) And this is My covenant with them, when I take away their sins.”

What does that mean for us who are Gentile believers? Romans 11:15, “For if their casting Yeshua aside means reconciliation for the world, what will their accepting him mean? It will be life from the dead!Joy to the world!

You want peace here in the USA? A key to that is to be praying for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6). That’s a part of that life from the dead stuff.

Following that end-times battle, an angel will come down from Heaven, and bind up the enemy of old, hasatan, and chain him tightly in prison for a thousand years. Then the saints will rule with Yeshua from Jerusalem. Who are they going to rule over? Good question. I feel it could very possibly be the “sheep” of Mattityahu 25. Those who treated with kindness and fairness “the least of these brothers of Mine [the Jewish people].”

After the thousand years, hasatan will be released, and will attempt another coup. He will be soundly defeated. But who does he gather to join him? I feel this indicates that during the millennial reign of Yeshua, those from the “sheep” will have opportunity to accept Him as their Savior, Lord, Messiah, and Master. Apparently some won’t, in spite of the absence of absolute evil. There will still be death during this time, of those who are not yet saved, per this picture of life during the millennial, from Yesha’yahu (Isaiah) 65:17-25 (CJB):

17) “For, look! I create new heavens and a new earth; past things will not be remembered, they will no more come to mind. 18) So be glad and rejoice forever in what I am creating; for look! I am making Yerushalayim a joy, and her people a delight. 19) I will rejoice in Yerushalayim and take joy in my people. The sound of weeping will no longer be heard in it, no longer the sound of crying. 20) No more will babies die in infancy, no more will an old man die short of his days — he who dies at a hundred will be thought young, and at less than a hundred thought cursed. 21) They will build houses and live in them, they will plant vineyards and eat their fruit. 22) They will not build and others live there, they will not plant and others eat; for the days of my people will be like the days of a tree, and my chosen will themselves enjoy the use of what they make. 23) They will not toil in vain or raise children to be destroyed, for they are the seed blessed by ADONAI; and their offspring with them. 24) Before they call, I will answer; while they are still speaking, I will hear. 25) The wolf and the lamb will feed together, and the lion eat straw like an ox (but the serpent — its food will be dust). They will not hurt or destroy anywhere on my holy mountain,” says ADONAI.

And then, following that final victory, and when death is finally done away with, Yeshua hands over the Kingdom to the Father, who descends from Heaven, bringing the New Jerusalem with Him.

1 Corinthians 15:24-26 (CJB): 24) …then the culmination, when he hands over the Kingdom to God the Father, after having put an end to every rulership, yes, to every authority and power. 25) For he has to rule until he puts all his enemies under his feet. 26) The last enemy to be done away with will be death….”

Revelation 21:1-3 (CJB): 1) Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the old heaven and the old earth had passed away, and the sea was no longer there. 2) Also I saw the holy city, New Yerushalayim, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared like a bride beautifully dressed for her husband. 3) I heard a loud voice from the throne say, “See! God’s Sh’khinah is with mankind, and he will live with them. They will be his people, and he himself, God-with-them, will be their God.”

So, as I said above, this world IS my home – for now and forever. As long as I’m here, I need to help take care of her the best that I can. Treat her with respect; treat those around me with respect. Do good when and where I can. Practice random kindness. Represent Yeshua.

When Yeshua returns, He will give this world a good cleansing. A very thorough cleansing, in fact.

2 Kefa (Peter) 3:7-13 (CJB): 7) It is by that same Word that the present heavens and earth, having been preserved, are being kept for fire until the Day of Judgment, when ungodly people will be destroyed. 8) Moreover, dear friends, do not ignore this: with the Lord, one day is like a thousand years and a thousand years like one day. 9) The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some people think of slowness; on the contrary, he is patient with you; for it is not his purpose that anyone should be destroyed, but that everyone should turn from his sins. 10) However, the Day of the Lord will come “like a thief.” On that Day the heavens will disappear with a roar, the elements will melt and disintegrate, and the earth and everything in it will be burned up.  11) Since everything is going to be destroyed like this, what kind of people should you be? You should lead holy and godly lives, 12) as you wait for the Day of God and work to hasten its coming. That Day will bring on the destruction of the heavens by fire, and the elements will melt from the heat; 13) but we, following along with his promise, wait for new heavens and a new earth, in which righteousness will be at home.

Yesha’yahu (Isaiah) 66:22-23 (CJB): 22) “For just as the new heavens and the new earth that I am making will continue in my presence,” says ADONAI, “so will your descendants and your name continue. 23) “Every month on Rosh-Hodesh and every week on Shabbat, everyone living will come to worship in my presence,” says ADONAI.

Yes, this world IS my home (as well as Heaven [on earth]), and will be eternally. Maybe the angels are beckoning me 🤔 😁.

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