The Supernaturalness of Our Salvation

I have just started on a 1500 page book, “The Complete Works of Oswald Chambers,” that I purchased last year sometime. Oswald’s wife would sit while he spoke or taught, and write everything down in shorthand. Then for many years after Oswald passed, she would put together his words into print and publish them in books. She also put together the daily devotional “My Utmost for His Highest,” with a daily one page teaching of his. Some years back someone compiled everything and put into one huge book. I figure this big book I have is a textbook to slowly work through. Few writers I’ve read are so continuously deep and thought-provoking. I’m going through at a slow pace, because each short passage requires some contemplation. For example:

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One thought on “The Supernaturalness of Our Salvation

  1. Good reminder. I am sure I have been guilty of overlooking the supernatural, and of Holy Spirit’s enabling power which draws a person to come to believe and receive God’s mercy

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